The following is the procedure we employ to process the recyclable materials we collect from you:
The customer segregates and keeps their recyclables separate from landfill waste by placing them in their yellow recycling bin.
  1. Materials are collected by our trucks and delivered to our sorting facility in Killala.
  2. Materials are tipped in the mixed recyclables area in our sorting facility of the waste transfer building.
  3. Recyclables are then loaded by a bucket to a conveyor.
  4. The conveyor feeds the picking station to where the segregation process is carried out manually.
  5. Recyclables are dropped through their individual chutes on the picking station to bays below.  
  6. The segregated recyclables are then moved from the bay and baled in the automatic baler.
  7. These bales are shipped off site to be recycled further in the paper, plastic and metal industries.